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Antigua JULY Newsletter


July 2013

I have attempted to get a newsletter out every two months since you elected me last August. After this newsletter I will suspend my newsletters until this fall. My efforts this summer will be to coordinate the Termite Fumigation scheduled for early October 2013. You will receive more correspondence than you probably want, but it is necessary.

Cays Log

The log is published periodically. I have chosen not to have an article because I have regular newsletters and by the time the log is published it is history rather than news for Antigua Village.  My newsletters are posted on the Coronado Cays website.


This continues to be a problem. Especially now that summer is here. The simple solution is to use your garage. I challenge each of you to park in your garage and have your renter’s park in the garage. If you have two vehicles park at least one in the garage.  The number of vehicles on the street causes a significant challenge to place garbage containers on the curb on Mondays. To exacerbate the problem residents and contractors move them to a position where the arm on the Waste Management truck can not access them. Please do not move them and monitor your contractor.

Street Sweeping

We allow but do not encourage residents to park in front of their garage on Fridays. Recently, and it will happen again, vehicles have been hit by others backing out of the garage. Main reason is 99 percent of the time nothing is there. Then Friday a vehicle is parked. Do you want that to happen to you? If you think parking in front of your garage is OK do this. Park a vehicle in front of the garage behind you and attempt to drive in yours with only one space to get in or back out which takes several attempts. Then picture yourself as elderly.   A committee is working on new rules and parking in front of garages may not be allowed.  If you can not find space in your garage, park on Grand Caribe. You will get exercise and this will make street sweeping on Fridays more efficient and keep Antigua streets looking much better.

Garbage Bins

We hire one of the landscapers to take our garbage and recycling containers out every Monday. I have instructed him to NOT take out any containers that have construction materials and not to break down boxes. If the boxes are not broken down and fit in a container they will not be removed. If the boxes are on top of containers the containers will not be moved. Please tell your renters.

Termite Fumigation

Oct 5 thru 12 is still our target date. As soon as the contract is signed you will get notifications. Expect to bag all ingestibles, remove plants, and move out for two to three days. Keys for homes and garages or garage pad codes will need to be turned in to the HOA. More information to come.

Boat Slips

I feel lucky to have a boat slip conveniently located in my front yard and I am sure most of you purchased your dream home here because of access to the bay. For the monthly HOA fees we pay this is a bargain. Recently the HOA has enforced long standing rules that only Antigua residents can have a boat in one of our slips and boats must conform to the length and width outlined in the Member Handbook. REMEMBER: You can not rent your slip to non Antigua residents or allow non Antigua residents to use the slip. Recently an unauthorized boat sank and it cost the condo owner thousands of dollars.  If you do not have a Member Handbook contact the HOA office. Also make sure your renters have a copy.


I have received favorable comments recently that landscaping has improved. Budget considerations keep us from doing everything we want but we try. I thank our Landscape Coordinator Ralph Garcia for his sound advice. We plan to try synthetic grass in six places in July to see if it improves the landscape. I welcome your input when the synthetic grass is in place.


Keeping ahead of the elements and wear and tear is a big job for maintenance. If you see something that needs repair in our village call the HOA office or let me know.

Code Enforcement

The 1 July  2013 HOA budget includes a code enforcement officer for the Cays. I fully support this budget item. Our Strategic Planning Committee has identified code enforcement as a shortfall.  In our village enforcement includes worn carpet on the steps, overgrown plants in patios, non authorized remodeling work, new widows and doors, boat slip violations, etc… Make sure you read
the Member Handbook and comply.

Wishing each of you a great summer.